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  • Delaware Educational Article of the Month - Mole repellent

Mole repellent

Mole repellent.

There are actually quite a number of natural, nonlethal, methods of putting the wind up a Delaware mole, even if it is a well entrenched varmint. Moles have very poor eyesight but it is more than made up for with their phenomenal sense of smell, also due to the fact that they actually dig tunnels at almost the perfect depth to aerate the Delaware soil most people actually consider moles to be advantageous, unless you are determined to get that perfectly flat and smooth lawn that the Delaware mole is preventing you from doing then why not just let the mole live in peace until due to lack of food it is forced to move.

But you have a Delaware mole, and you would like it gone, you could always trap the animal but all the traps available are lethal and you don't want to actually kill it so trapping is not an option. If you have the time and the patience you could actually grow plants to deter the mole, we know there are some plants that moles cannot stand and if you grow enough of them the mole will leave. These plants are generally plants that grow from bulbs, like daffodils and marigolds, moles also dislike Allium's, and fritillarias, those of the flowering ones but if you want to grow something a little more practical for your use try garlic, onions and leeks.

You will also be told that Delaware mole plant and castor bean plant will also deter moles, and they will but they are poisonous and should be avoided at all times if you have even pets or small children, if you want to try the castor oil deterrent just buy some castor oil, mix it half and half with dishwashing liquid and try and inject it into the animals burrows, but don't be surprised if all that happens is the animal directs his burrows around the spots you injected, yes moles do not like this but it is not going to drive them away anytime soon.

Another deterrent that is popular is spreading little clumps of human or pet hair you have collected hopefully from your and your pets hairbrush and inserting these into the Delaware moles burrows, there is some talk that these will work but generally they don't seem to. Another solution that seems to work for a short time is the mixture of chili powder and garlic powder, again 50-50, put at the entrances to the burrows.

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