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  • Delaware Educational Article of the Month - Where should I relocate a trapped opossum?

Where should I relocate a trapped opossum?

Where should I relocate a trapped opossum?

Trapping and also relocating the Delaware opossums was as standard practice but for many years that it has been used, the relocation also meant relocating the problem. Where the animals are taken, they can grow in large number and they may start to destroy the place until the number of these animals should also be reduced again. The relocation of the Delaware opossums also means that you are making a room for other opossums to come in the area. It is illegal in many places to have to trap the opossums and to release them too far away from the place where they have been captured. The opossums are known to be territorial animals and when you relocate them in other place, they are going to be attacked by the animals that are found already in these places. The method is known to be inhumane and it is stressful to the animals and it leads to the death of the Delaware opossum no matter where they have been relocated.

When the animal is sick, it may also spread the sickness. When you release the opossums in a certain place, it may be as if it had returned but this may not be the case since most of the time, the relocated opossums will die because of the stress of the new places. The opossums are known to be a part of the urban and natural environment and they are also territorial. When the Delaware opossums are relocated, it is not going to solve any problem. When you relocate the opossums, they will leave for some time and when the place is vacant, other opossums are going to come back.

Instead of relocating the Delaware opossums, you can try other alternatives as control options. Taking into account where the opossums are using to enter into the house, you may try the one-way flap out metal or the Perspex with the hinge at its top. The Hinge will flat in order to let the opossums but not to come in. Prune the branches which may lead to the roof. Put the collars on the trunks of the tree so that the Delaware opossums do not get access to the roof of the house.

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