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About pigeons

About Delaware pigeons.

There are about 310 species of Delaware pigeons and doves, pigeons are birds with stout bodies, short necks and short bills, they feed mostly on seeds, fruits and plants. Being birds of course, pigeons can fly, and actually are one of the strongest flyers in the bird world, they are also highly maneuverable when in flight. To achieve this up to 44% of the pigeons bodyweight is flight muscles, pigeons are generally found all over the planet and range in sizes from 9 pounds (about the same size as a turkey) to a couple of species being no bigger the house sparrow, the most common pigeons are the ones we'll see flying around our local Delaware areas and generally living in places where they're not wanted.

Wild Delaware pigeons are generally a pest and a menace, the menace part comes from the droppings which get everywhere but our most commonly thought of as turning either monuments or statues into into guano piles which only get cleaned with the local authorities decide to use high-pressure sprayers to clean them off.

Over the centuries Delaware pigeons have been used and become very useful by human beings, during the first world war pigeons were used to carry messages from one command post to another and they proved highly efficient in that task, so efficient that both sides then deployed hawks and falcons as countermeasures, but well fed and well exercised Delaware pigeons are very hard to catch, even for these top-flight predators.

Pigeons have also been used as a major source of food for many people over many centuries, due to the fact that Delaware pigeons are easily domesticated and breed happily in captivity they provided a major source of protein through most of the Middle Ages. Even today pigeons is still used as food, you can find a recipe for pigeon pie on the Internet easily. As well, doves, which are pigeons really, have been used for a very long time as religious symbols, especially in Christianity where white doves represent peace and purity.

In the United States the most common pigeon is actually a Delaware dove, the turtledove, it is closely related to the now extinct passenger pigeon. All over the world many people keep pigeons, as stated before they keep them as a food source but the most common reason for having pigeons is to race them, homing pigeons taken even thousands of miles from home will return to their home roost in the shortest possible time, so taking hundreds of them and releasing them all at the same point and timing them home is a race.

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